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jfractionlab::excerciseDialogs::ImproperFraction Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jfractionlab::excerciseDialogs::ImproperFraction:

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 52 of file ImproperFraction.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void addTextField (MyJTextField tf)
void clearTextFields ()
void close_it ()
int ggt (int a, int b)
 ImproperFraction (JFractionLab owner, int lx, int ly, int sx, int sy) throws HeadlessException
void itemStateChanged (ItemEvent e)
void keyPressed (KeyEvent event)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent event)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent event)
int kgv (int a, int b)
Integer readInputNumber (MyJTextField jtf)
void sop (String str)

Public Attributes

boolean bl_wannaReduceQuestion_AnswerIsYes = false
boolean bl_with_reducing = false
JLabel lb_info = new JLabel("", JLabel.CENTER)
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_reducing = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()

Protected Member Functions

void makeProblem ()
void nextProblem ()

Package Attributes

ArrayList< MyJTextField > al_textfields = new ArrayList<MyJTextField>()
boolean bl_randomProblem = true
JButton btn_continue
JButton btn_end
ButtonGroup btngrp_reducing = new ButtonGroup()
ButtonGroup btngrp_typeoftask = new ButtonGroup()
ButtonGroup btngrp_visibility = new ButtonGroup()
Container content
JMenuBar jmb = new JMenuBar()
JMenu jmHelp = new JMenu("")
JMenuItem jmiHelp = new JMenuItem("")
JMenu jmOptions = new JMenu("")
JFractionLab owner
PointDisplay pdsp = new PointDisplay()
int points = 0
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_custom = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_invisible = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_no_reducing = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_random = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()
JRadioButtonMenuItem rb_visible = new JRadioButtonMenuItem()

Static Package Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = JFractionLab.serialVersionUID

Private Member Functions

void clearPizzaBlech ()
void drawPizzaBlech ()

Private Attributes

JButton btn_tipp
FractionMaker fm
int improperFractionDenominator
int improperFractionNumerator
boolean isVisible = true
int mixedNBNumber
int mixedNbNumerator
FractionAsCircle[] pizzaPlace
MyJTextField tf_improperFractionDenominator = new MyJTextField(2)
MyJTextField tf_improperFractionNumerator = new MyJTextField(2)
MyJTextField tf_mixedNBDenominator = new MyJTextField(2)
MyJTextField tf_mixedNBNumber = new MyJTextField(2)
MyJTextField tf_mixedNBNumerator = new MyJTextField(2)
boolean was_neverVisible = true

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